Thursday, October 28, 2010

ITS JUST A DO DUNI CHAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Few  days ago I received  a chance to watch a movie –“Do duni char”.  And  without any exception, I found it entirely fascinating, which underlies some thought provoking  issues &  few messages too . Story  rolls around  a very ordinary life of a  middle class family, led by a  school teacher, who  some how or the other  try to  manage  daily & semi-luxury life for  his family,what our showy Indian middle class society find it necessary,  which is actually not.


Well ! the whole idea behind this article is  definitely not the another  lacklusture analysis  of this movie,  but rather to refresh our mind & heart to think about  those people who  are apparently nothing to do with our daily life & benefits.  But  without those we could’nt conceive our today’s sophisticated  &  value driven life.

Without  going back too  deep  into our  past memories, let us  answer this  question  faithfully, that how many times  have we remembered our  school teachers without catagorising them as favourite & non-favorite?. How many times   have we forced ourselves to think about their today’s economical & social life?.  Answers of these questions do not worth  anymore ,but  rather they are just to compel us to think over, what it matters  for us as an individual & as society. Above  are few of  those  many questions which  remains unanswered  intentionally-unintentionally by us. So as per our  choice,  nouns of   these questions can be replaced  by  any  other one which  has silently & progressively  carved  our  life .


A teacher has been  personified as  “guru” in Indian mythology & revered by all sections of society. but in this “quantum of respect” given to him, we forgot  that a teacher too, has  his own social life ,he too has to bring up his family like any one else. How tragic it is that the one who always try to put his  student  ahead of the curve in their life, fails to put his own children on the same curve in every dimension, just because of lack of some vital resources .  Exceptions  can never be the instrument to iron out the issues like this. With the progression of  Indian society socially, economically ,the life of a teacher has only seen endless regression,which  seems fail to end in near future.


Statistics might be good enough  to make this topic  more meaningful & radiant  but  all intention was just to give a snapshot of  those issues which are surviving in obscurity. “Doduni char” reflects all  the dimensions  of  a family which resort to  a  very sacred profession for its  bread & butter, & compels us to contemplate  over the inordinate rationality of our life.