Friday, March 11, 2011


            If  one can visualize oneself mired in a pathetic condition, in which neither one can move one’s body parts nor can even utter a single word of need, then undoubtedly , one can easily assume that how traumatic and painstaking it would have been for aruna shan bagh for last thirty years. Her case recently pushed up to the  centre stage , when a plea for passive euthanasia was filed in apex court, which was turned down ,considering the future ramifications once it becomes a law.
Well!  This  fragile and sensitive subject goes beyond  any religious, social, legal aspect because when it comes to the issues like-“euthanasia”, it directly picturize a person who suffers   from a terminal disease deathlessly , which unfortunately, has no cure and hope for a normal life and who may or may not  put his words on the table of discussion- what  is his/her, ultimate desire?
Though apex court has starkly denied all possibility of euthanasia, but around the globe , some countries finds it quite legal to become a law –what netherland did in -2002. Despite  of it, global majority considers it unethical to reward somebody with mercy killing.
The worst  use of euthanasia was seen in 1939, by Hitler in nazi germany when he allowed mercy killing of sick & disabled, which was later extended to newborns & older disabled. That time euthanasia had become an instrument of inhumane actions , in Nazi germany.
Since then, ranging from most developed  to developing countries – euthanasia  is considered as devil’s act-as we don’t have any authority to take lives of any individual, but ironically  capital punishment, doesn’t considered with same perception, I which life of  an individual is taken on account of some offence. Moreover, in some sections of Indian society, like-every single day through the year , a jain  somewhere in the country embrace “santhara”, which resembles to an act of euthanasia.or in other words –a n act of suicide,(which is an offence in IPC-309 of Indian constitution till date) . these are the exceptions draped in religious act prevails in various sections of other religions as wall.
Unfortunately the ripples of  issues like euthanasia will setle down in near future but unfortunately the timeless suffering of  aruna shanbagh and many more like her, will never.
Supreme court upholds its humane and path-breaking  verdict by quoting a couplet from mirza ghalib-“marte hein aarzoo mein marne ki;maut aati hai par nahin aati.(one longs to embrace death but death is such that it comes & yet eludes).