Friday, August 30, 2013

O My dear! my name is-" HOPE"

O My  dear! my name is-" HOPE"
You often meet me-
Amid the gloom
You can't cope.

Quite often you see me –
Bruised at the hands of "Despair"
But in the month of "Autumn"
I make with it - a lovely pair.

So many times,
You see the' river of destiny'
Changing its course.
But never-ever you find me
Knelt down even before
the mightiest Force.

There is 'something' -
Which you never resign
My abode is your heart
Where I always outshine.

Just a tender smile
And I never drain
Just a simple one more step
And I never go in vain.

It often comes-
When you cease to remain prime.
In your yester moments,
When,your magic was sublime.

There I step in-
To rekindle your lost pride.
With a purpose
Simply so divine.

I stay there-
until you stand up
and with few words
 gently leave your past behind.

O My  dear! my name is-" HOPE"
You often meet me-
Amid the gloom
You can't cope.

Friday, August 23, 2013

'तस्वीरें' - अक्सर बोलती हैं.

अक्सर बोलती हैं.
होंठों पर तैरती कोई अनकही बात
दिल की तलहटी में दबे कोई राज़
जब - तब वो अक्सर खोलती हैं

तस्वीरें जब भी सामने आती हैं
वो नए लफ़्ज़ों में रक्स करती हैं
कभी इस लम्हे को 'उस पर पार' ले जाना
कभी 'उस पार के लम्हे' को करीब ले आना
तसवीरें  यादों से अक्सर खेलती हैं

आशना हो कोई मुस्कराहट
या हो कोई अजनबी सी चाहत
तस्वीरें हर पयाम समझ लेती हैं

जब कभी- भी हो पीछे मुड़ कर,
 देखने  की चाहत
या अपने माजी को ,
 फिर से जीने की छटपटाहट   
तस्वीरें 'आज' के बियाँबान में
' कल' के गुलशन को रोशन कर देती हैं

 वक़्त से हार जाना,
 जिनकी फितरत नहीं
पर वक़्त से जीत जाना,
 जिनकी चाहत नहीं
ये तस्वीरें वक़्त से भी इश्क कर लेती हैं

चाहे किसी मुस्कराहट का टुकड़ा,
 गिर गया  हो
या किसी बात का सिलसिला,
 टूट गया हो
आँखों के किसी कोने में
शुक्र है !
कुछ तस्वीरें अब  भी हैं
जो मुलाक़ात होने पर अक्सर बोलती हैं

'तस्वीरें' -
अक्सर बोलती हैं.

अक्सर बोलती हैं.
होंठों पर तैरती कोई अनकही बात
दिल की तलहटी में दबे कोई राज़
जब - तब वो अक्सर खोलती हैं

आशना - परिचित ( someone/ something who/which is known)
पयाम  -  सन्देश  (message) 
रक्स  - नृत्य        ( dance )

बियाबान - जंगल  ( jungle, forest)

Thursday, August 15, 2013


The moment the slave resolve that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall . He frees himself and shows the ways to others. Freedom and slavery are mental states - Mahatma Gandhi

Today we are meeting with this historic day once again. It is a time when the tide of  patriotism surges exponentially. It is a time when we acknowledge ourselves as a nation ( although for rest of the year it is the states, religion, and  geographical areas which represents  and governs us).

The magic of this date 15, August is such that the  years accompanying this date fade away in the sand of time but 15 Aug outshines as always. Perhaps because of its worth . Perhaps because it deserves. It is not an ordinary date embedded in the calendar with a red hue indicating a – holiday, rather a symbol of great ‘turning point’ in the world’s history which redefined and showcased many things to the world simultaneously –‘ freedom and democracy with dignity’.

The day 15 august 1947 is unparalleled in the history of our nation. We are enjoying the fruits of liberty, just because our freedom  warriors who dared to sow the seeds of freedom into the brazen land of  slave mind.
Even as, we are observing and celebrating ‘our Independence Day’, we must pause and introspect  for few reasons in such ways ; what kind ( quality ) of freedom are we enjoying ? Is it just that we can roam around anywhere , speak anything, express anything or business anywhere? Is the freedom merely means the absence of slavery from white skinned foreigners  who were strangers  to us for all those long years?

While exploring these few questions, we would obviously land on a big – NO. What we are consuming  ( let alone enjoying ) today, is the  superficial and subverted form of  our most hallowed Freedom , which was bestowed on us by our forefathers through their unparallelled sacrifices.
If we flip through the pages of oxford dictionary for the word freedom, we would find some comprehensive definitions of it. Which reveals an astonishing contrast and strange paradox of our own defined freedom.
1-      The state of not being prisoner or slave-

Although, today we may not be equated or counted as slave or prisoners as a whole . Yet , if not half, then a significant part of that half population comprising of women  are forced to live under the clouds of different  modern sorts of slavery and virtual prisons.The remaining vestiges of feudal mindset, rotten social norms, and unbridled patriarchal structure are swift enough to overpower  and enslave the aspiration of women belonging to different age groups from all strata of society.

2-      The state of not being affected by the things – Fear/ Pain/ Hunger.

In his speech  in Jauary1958, Martin Niemoller a  German anti-Nazi  theologian said ,” Ask the first man you meet what he means by defending freedom, he will tell you privately he means defending the standard of living”.
We must concede this brutal truth that we are still a nation of helpless poor people. Despite of, the glitz of globalization and enticing GDP figures, this poor man is striving really very hard - first to fend for himself and family and then maintaining a standard of living. Few fortunate , today , enjoys an stable standard of living. Few gadgets in hands and increased purchasing power can not, in any way, outdo the quality of standard of living”. 

3-      The right to do or say what you want without anyone stopping you -

 As George Orwell says, ‘ freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two  make  four . if that is granted, all else follows.’ .What is visible today, a few mortals  enjoy special prerogative to say ‘two plus two makes four’.

 Merely executing the rituals of “ independence day “ is as hypocritical as worshiping the idol without addressing the ever present soul behind it. It makes the entire process futile. Number of years  does not guarantee the true wisdom. This we have to understand  first as an individual and as a nation as well.
The pillar of democracy  can not stand on the sand of shallow and rotten values but on the rocks of true national wisdom, which emanates from  the mental  liberty of an individual.The onus lies on our shoulder to preserve the  few remaining traces of our glorious past, which always taught us to value and celebrate  the freedom of an individual which results into an unfading – National Emancipation .

A Song of Freedom.....

A molten beauty
of an evening
in the cage of a tyrant scorching day

a heart 
in a solitude 
finds itself in a timeless dismay.

they say-
there is a carnival 
to the other side of the wall

O wind!
sway me-
 to the other side 

before the joy of-
dancing spring 
silently decay ........