Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 In this world of extreme desires,
 All we are in quest - for something to acquire.
So we follow the same race-
In the face of life, in different case.

It is a world of 'glitzy faces',
Zillions of betrayals, with gruesome traces.
Although, we fight for omen of good.
But at last, we find only a deceptive truth.

This blemish world, when torn you out
And your head seems in slouch.
Then you seek solace, in the lap of nature.
It backs you always for every favor.

Countless dreams-
you ever cherished
But behind the bars,
you just let them perished.

You need to swim in deep sea of no shore
If your dreams wants to see the vista of more
If you show your courage under fire
You will see your head- charmed with crown of desire.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Just recently, we were hailed as an 8th powerful nation in the world and simultaneously lampooned as a nation having most “insecure capital “in the world. First garners fame, latter disperse shame. Quite visibly, there is a Grey chasm of paradox between optimism and pessimism. And herein lies the seeds of hypocrisy, dualism, and double standards. Which is as lethal as venom of cobra for the nation.

‘We the people of India’, as stated in our preamble, since its inception, of a ‘new India’, have derived and adopted two separate standards to practice our lives than our constitution. Our politicians are axiom and epitome of this practice - "double standards’. Since they are our representatives, so, we too, are eligible to share the same guilt of ‘hypocrisy’.

The practice of dualism exists in two forms. First, at political platform, which is staged by our so - called statesmen.  Second, at social and individual platform, a domain, in which we exist. We are now-days quite accustomed to digest regressive actions and progressive preaches of the government. To understand this, take latest example of coal gate (coal scam). Govt. preaches in terms of giving more autonomy to CBI, but without any fail, through regressive actions,   solemnly committed to emaciate its soul.

We may trace the sign of prevailing double standards in society by considering two contemporary examples. First one is about glitz and glamour of IPL. second is about screams and squalor of Vidarbh - Marathwada (region in Maharashtra) which is horrendously inflicted by drought this year. First one is religiously supported by public and government; latter is indiscriminately ignored and sidelined by the same. First one depicts the shining image of the nation; latter refutes it by its cruel display of reality.We love to count and learn the statistics of sixes hit by Chris Gayle, but same statistics marinated in death toll of famished souls in some deserted locations creates no frisson.

Some news hungry reporters may make it quite newsy but they too loose the battle for keeping such reality as breaking news. On logical platform we may put it as, "it is just next to impossible to revolve around such decay". But on the moral platform we must ask to ourselves first, whey does the bruised life of a skeleton like malnourished infant not create any ripple of disgust? Why its unwarranted death is just meant to be added in the register of statistics so that, so called intellectual can flaunt their complex opinion just to win the war of gaudy, vulgar arguments.

At personal level, we need to introspect as well. We are taught in our childhood – ‘dahej lena buri baat hai’( it is immoral to accept dowry). At school level, we, all write, an essay – ‘DOWERY- A BANE’. We compose it with utter beauty of expression. But, in later stage of our lives somehow or the other, citing social custom, gluing it with prestige, we subvert this bookish moral into an utter acceptance. When a corrupt practice breathe over a long period of time. It returns to us in the guise of specious dogmas, rigid culture and baseless traditions.  This way we have come, and this has become our modus operandi – hypocrisy.

In time, when we are witnessing heart rendering incident ranging from horrific Delhi  (India) to Kot Lakhpat ( Pakistan) ,where  one innocent  Indian civilian – Sarabjeet singh  killed without any hint, we must address the  prevailing enigma of double standards at national level.  Equally, at personal level, we must conclude that whether we want to live by the hypocritical  attitude in life or the manner in which we are supposed to live which separates us from menial standards of animals.

Unless and until, we don’t feel strangulated, throttled in the tattered attire of double standard attitude- be it at national level or personal one, we will continuously be inflicted by rotten, hollow and depreciating standards of life……and as Fredrick William Robertson says, There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.’ We, at least, can afford to play like demon when it comes to hypocrisy……