Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 In this world of extreme desires,
 All we are in quest - for something to acquire.
So we follow the same race-
In the face of life, in different case.

It is a world of 'glitzy faces',
Zillions of betrayals, with gruesome traces.
Although, we fight for omen of good.
But at last, we find only a deceptive truth.

This blemish world, when torn you out
And your head seems in slouch.
Then you seek solace, in the lap of nature.
It backs you always for every favor.

Countless dreams-
you ever cherished
But behind the bars,
you just let them perished.

You need to swim in deep sea of no shore
If your dreams wants to see the vista of more
If you show your courage under fire
You will see your head- charmed with crown of desire.