Sunday, February 26, 2012

expression of silence!!

the expression of silence
is very loud
and very clear-
the one who embraces it 
is beside me 
and beyond the shadow of doubt  
is very near

the language of silence
is very known than words
 and between us,
even in -
the dense jungle of separation.
it passes through it all the time
without any prevailing  fear.

and finally it meets a road-
which leads nowhere-
but certainly somewhere
where, we usually meet for always
and now, with few expressions of silence
we are meeting- 
and holding each other's hand
once again.


Monday, February 13, 2012


If it is not love
it can not be hate

pendulum of -
undying emotions 
swings between both ends...

perhaps every moment.

it had touched-
its angelic end erstwhile
i believe...
but, never ever
swayed towards
its demonic end
of infidelity... 

it is such a pendulum-
of everlasting emotions.
that butchered its own nature
of roaming to and fro

i know...
just to cling to its -
one very known end of-
just forever....

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Wouldn't it be more than wonderful, if we could cruise in our previous time, whenever we yearn for it and without thinking too much we plumb into it, live into it again and again without any helping hand of non-existent Time-Machine.

Practically, it is as impossible as the possibility of a shining sun in a dark night. But it doesn’t mean that nothing shines in that dark night, some small twinkling stars are there to make thing happen.

We, as a human being are bound to be the slave of ever advancing time willy-nilly. It moves ahead without bothering our treasure of moments. But in exchange, it leaves its footprints in the form of memories and feelings, which we live virtually in the pathway of our life.

Memories: because, without possible investment of time, memories of a particular episode cannot be spawned. We retrieve them from the same abundance of time which was used to be quite dynamic but static in itself for now.

 All it begins, when we pause and look back nostalgically and cherish if we could live those moments of ours as a child in that tender age, the moments in which we grew as adult and, the moments in which we stepped into a age as a youth and looked forward to bring some new relationships and new means to our life. All such various stages of life flourish on a silent platform of time. Which later, turn itself into memories, and live itself when we invoke that dynamic time.

Feelings: because, a flower without its inherent fragrance is just not worthwhile. Our past is full of action-inaction, high and low tides of joy and sorrow and some unforeseen incidents. During transition, from dynamic into static, the time wears one more attire in form of feelings along with memories. Feelings which bear smells, taste, mood and many other attribute which finally enable us, to live in our past time almost in real, irrespective of its virtual existence.

Many a times, we hear from someone in their saying, “the smell of that delicious Halwa made by his beloved mother is still fresh in his mind”, or “the fresh unbounded breeze of his village still storms his mind”.

 In actual, in reminiscence of his past, he lives that dynamic time once again which is quite static now for him. And the time for which, he yells that it has gone by, is actually present, but in some other face, to remain forever.

We call it- memories and feelings!!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Until You Come!!!!!

                                  I could pause
for a while
and go back
      to cease that absolute moment.
even if i were -
       the ever advancing time.

i could betray
i could betray
that single destination
even if i were-
the only dedicated pathway

i could wait on such course,
it were not the slave
of its destination
and where-
time could cease its breath
for long.

until you come!
                    until you come!................... 

Saturday, February 4, 2012



Do u remember-
that one  special winter?
when it was young
so young
as of  you
as of mine.

and when-
on its icy canvas
we met
like never ever before.

Such was the only winter-
which brimmed us
with the cozy warmth-
of eternal Ecstasy-
in our blooming love.

So silently-
it kept hold...... 
could you count?
those upcoming seasons of spring
which were yet to appear
in our dreamy life.

now in sunset years
of mine alone-
do you know?

that winter .
once again
 met me yesterday
 in the evening
on a  deserted road- 
in the month of -
hot winds.

its well known flowering zeal
in the absence of its inherent spring

but, not yet burnt

riding on my fainted  and passive breath
it touched my heart

and asked me of you
so curiously
as i used to ask
 about you  
so madly
years ago.

but in my  compelled silence 
it finally melt down
and exit from my heart 
 just as a  heavy sigh of separation.........................

Friday, February 3, 2012

YOU AND ME........

What a beautiful day,

you bring  one more time
just for me
in your angelic smile.

what a charming night
 you will bring once again
i know,
by hiding it
 beneath your majestic breath

and when we meet,
in such ardor of romance
then surely,
we make our own abode in,
what the world-
timelessly cherish-
as heaven.............................


Thursday, February 2, 2012

it was one such moment...................

It was sad-
for just one reason
as it could not preserve 
that beloved charm.
But it could hold
 and could feel -
that warmth of passion
between the two such souls
since they ever found-
a sweetheart 
in each other's eyes.
It was always
but silently present between them
molding itself
into one-
promise between them
since ever
just forever
But like them
it too, couldn't take a walk,
and peep into its past.
it was one such-
compelled moment..........................