Saturday, February 4, 2012



Do u remember-
that one  special winter?
when it was young
so young
as of  you
as of mine.

and when-
on its icy canvas
we met
like never ever before.

Such was the only winter-
which brimmed us
with the cozy warmth-
of eternal Ecstasy-
in our blooming love.

So silently-
it kept hold...... 
could you count?
those upcoming seasons of spring
which were yet to appear
in our dreamy life.

now in sunset years
of mine alone-
do you know?

that winter .
once again
 met me yesterday
 in the evening
on a  deserted road- 
in the month of -
hot winds.

its well known flowering zeal
in the absence of its inherent spring

but, not yet burnt

riding on my fainted  and passive breath
it touched my heart

and asked me of you
so curiously
as i used to ask
 about you  
so madly
years ago.

but in my  compelled silence 
it finally melt down
and exit from my heart 
 just as a  heavy sigh of separation.........................