Sunday, July 24, 2011


It is well established belief  that  life  comprises of  quantum  of  small and big struggles. And in the  backdrop  of these  various  challenges,  we face them  quite  internally &  externally.  More clearly,  at one time, we  have to lead the front against our own massively damaged  self-reliance  in order to regain & retain the lost ground. While on the other , we actually struggle or  more precisely,  we fight against  quite visible oddities gifted by  our  thunderously massive  opponents.

By & large, we take the charge against our struggle  with all our  varying potential in every walk of  life. Well! To keep away  just superficial  talks , lets  plumb into some real-time  examples , not too far  from our time  but   some contemporary ones, which will  ensure us that  it takes just a small effort to conjure up some extraordinary stories out of our struggles , if we mean it.
Its not too  late, to discuss a cricket league match  of  world cup-2011, Ireland v/s  England. In  that match  Ireland beat England , which was not more than an unforeseen  result  for  most of  the people. But what if , we  try to see the collective effort against one kind of struggle ( a sporting struggle) by Irish,  to derive a monumental victory for  themselves who were  far behind to catch all this.

There were three stages for the chasing party – first when they suffered a 'collateral damage'  inflicted by  the bowling attack, second :- when they were leading by their protagonist ( batsman)  Neil- O-  Brian,, who  consolidated the confidence to chase the target. And third when they kept their nerves  calm , which executed  rest of the task. Now if we go parallel with these three stages , then we will find that we often face these stages in  our life,  in different faces –in different cases. First some initial setbacks  followed by some comebacks, followed by the final  execution ( whatever it may be).
Ironically, we don’t face the  problem  and struggle  in the same fashion. Life gives us n numbers of patterns to struggle  against our problems. And this world is overwhelmed with such unique examples  which spells out  that sometimes,  struggle  becomes  internal  phenomena , which can be dealt with  utmost grace.
The story of Deniela Gracia  from Chile specifies the same , who  had encountered   with a lethal  & heart rendering rail accident ,which  inflicted her body  severely & left her  both pair of hands & legs amputed. There  wasn’t  even an  iota of chance to bring her back in normal life. In this situation she had two clear options , either  to allow herself, to be governed by a downtrodden soul  or to lead her life with ample grit and sheer character. And  finally, inspiring by her great struggle,  she chose the later one and became world’s first quadrilateral amputee physician.  She is now the author of best selling book-“eligi-vivir”( I chose to live).She is just the single hero among the zillions, who have fought a crusade in all their life just to win a  struggle internally.

No matter whether we win our struggle  externally for professional  achievements or internally to  become an inspiration to our own soul  and for other , all it does matter that life becomes what we do with it   after  realizing the nature of struggle  against a problem.