Friday, February 8, 2013


They came, they saw, they roared and eventually they conquered, the very basic freedom of an individual- "the freedom of expression”.

Every now and then, they try to manifest themselves as a singular protagonist and protectionist of society, its culture , humanity and religion.

One can find and identify them on TV screens explaining, with their mediocre and stinking ideologies that how the western culture is responsible for subversion of so called flawless Indian culture.They blabber on the subjects and issues for which they are as equal as illiterate.

Yes!, Few identify them as -” Self appointed guardian” of society which is quite moderate adjective for  them . But few pick them , flog them and aptly call them as- “ bunch of self appointed psychotic morons”. More specifically, they are no less than a vicious virus which spreads the disease of intolerance, inhumanity  by using an ugly tool of “ hurting religious and social sentiments” to eat away the flesh of freedom of a person day in and day out.

The various species of this specific virus ranges from Khap panchayats to frenzied political outfits to alleged protectionists of religion , moral and ethical values. Such fanatics , jingoists and more importantly misogynists does not deserve the word “ Guardian”, as it simply reflects and portrays a sense of affection, care and protection form every evil- eye. Instead, such bunch of psychopaths, morons or by whichever name we despise them , leave no stone unturned to turn every individual into a rigid lifeless monument flaunting some imposed values and culture.

Recent tragic incident of Delhi gives us an opportunity to identify and scrutinize such viruses, who are enjoying a lavish lifestyle in the guise of “ god man,  political leaders, cultural groups, and religious institutions . Their subsequent ridiculous and abhorrent remarks and comments starkly defines that what kind of mentality is prevailing in our political, religious  and social class and if it is not tackled within due time, we , the very "Mango people” of this country will be relished as a mango juice by the same viruses.

Kamal Hasan , shah Rukh Khan, Maqbul Fida Hussain, are few such names which are enough to explain the very sad state of affairs of our worn and torn out democracy, where the freedom to utter an opinion specially of women, girls is on ventilator.

Just recently, we saw and heard of  death of freedom of four school going girls of Kashmir, just because they dared to run a music band ( first girl's rock band in jammu and kasmir) and wanted to spread the only message of peace and harmony through their talent. Even in such noble effort, few morons issued a “Fatwa” sensing such display of music in public as – obscene, ignoring the prevailing obscenity in their own mind and thoughts. I always wonder  that what kind of scientific scale  or equipment they use to measure the level of obscenity and immorality etc.

God had sent us singularly as a human, just to enjoy a sojourn and ethereal beauty of this paradise- Earth. For this purpose, he bestowed us the inherent freedom  to move, walk, think and live the way we want and explore ourselves more as a human up to an infinite extent. And in this process if someone comes in your way , plunder your  deeply ingrained freedom in the name of religion, culture, nation then it will , ultimately, be a dishonor to our creator.........