Sunday, March 11, 2012


In this world of many -'prevailing'
but eventually fainting voices
i always cherished-
 one - 
tender and soothing
everlasting and moving... 'voice'
just to say -
few more words of love
few more reasons 
to be with you
i had been fighting
a - 'crusade'
for an eternity
to win one such voice
which could make you of mine
and me of you...

and finally,
i found -
enfolded but preserved
forgotten but reserved - 'voice'
in the homely envelop of silence.

and today -
that envelop of silence 
is yet to be tear off
so that-
thus earned voice
can submerge itself between us
into the fathomless ocean of love

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


It is very easy to begin a campaign or revolution for any issue which are of national interest  but it  always remains a herculean task to manage and keep its momentum and more importantly ,to reach its destination or result. Last two years can be considered as full of ups-and-down in the backdrop of international crisis originating from “Arab revolution”. In the span of almost a complete year of Arab  revolution ,countries like-Egypt, Lebanon, , Syria, Yemen have experienced a severe turmoil  in the process of throwing out  dictators from their countries.  Though, in a country like Egypt this transition was executed without any severe bloodbath but in Syria, the near-genocide is still on, whose political future and social stability is swinging like pendulum and giving a stint of possible sinister.

Now the main issue here arises that- have the  world leader countries like America, Britain, France  and international organisations –united nations, European union and many other groups fulfilled their  serious responsibility and duty, if they have taken for granted that the entire onus for liberating the suppressed civilian of Syria lies on them?. In this action, every possible measure has been adopted by them. To bring economic setback for president basher-al-Assad regime, America and United Nations have sanctioned many economic bans in a hope that it would bring the bloody scenario in the country down to a level of socio-political stability. But current ongoing drama in Syria does not seem marrying with above objectives set by international community. Murder, arrest, child rape and torture of common Syrian is still rampant in the regime of president basher al Assad’s regime.

Though the agitation and protests began peacefully for nearly ten months on various squares and roads of Syria but now it is getting worsen with every day as Syria on january23,2012 has rejected the Arab league plan for president basher al- Assad to  hand over the power to vice-president.

More or less, it must be considered that other Arab countries have not responded well to the problems of Syria as their governmental structures are quite akin to regime of Syria. More than 5000 people have been killed, 59,000 have been incarcerated, and 16,000 have been dispossessed by Assad’s regime.
The basic reason for failure of international community lies in the allegations that the countries like America, France Britain have their eyes on crude oil recourses and not on the real travails of the peoples of the Syria. Military organisation-NATO has been operating on the soil of Syria for months and is far behind from its objective to maintain peace while in the process to bring new government because there is no decline in the death toll of Syrian people in brutal conflicts. Furthermore, United Nations Security Council has failed time and again   to issue condemnation due to veto by Russia and china .Until and unless, these political differences diminishes it will remain a distant task to put the curtain down on the gory drama of Syria.

Now, to address the current crisis related to the security of lives of Syria, international community must respond efficiently and urgently to the Syrian Security Council which is working well to describe the worst situation of Syrian civilian. Here it must be quoted a recent study-issued by the Strategic Research and Communication centre entitled as –Safe Areas of Syria: An assessment of legality, logistics, and hazards. In this study various dimensions has been discussed which are to be vital for saving lives and human rights of Syrian people.  According to Syrian security council- the regime is using children as human shields so that tanks and armoured vehicles can storm residential areas. Now this must also be the grave concern for human right commission as the human rights are being violated almost every moment in Syria.

Therefore, the different bodies of United Nations as Security Council, international court of justice, human rights commission and general assembly must work together so that it can further get synchronized with the Syrian Security Council which is more close to the nerve of the problem than NATO. And global politics must shift its weight toward this grave issue in which lives of common civilian of Syria are in danger.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Come again
if you wish
and if you can
to the same place...
our home.
i have persuaded that moment
one more time
to stay here.
the moment-
you were me
and i were you.

Come again 
if you wish
and if you can
to  embrace
those emotions
when they were born
in our first visit,
to each other's heart
and became the only smiling child
in the time of separation.

come again
if you wish
and if you can...