Tuesday, September 24, 2013

O my love!

O my love!
 feel my feelings
keeping away yourself
is just  way of meeting.

 O my love!
 day in-day out
every thought of yours
clamor my mind.

O my dear!
 it is a matter of fact
i will wait for you
until my last breath.

O my love!
 mistakes always happen
but it doesn't mean-
 to fight a battle without weapon.

O my love!
 flowers have lost their florid shine
alacrity have gone
wherever i find.

this is the result -
of losing you
nothing is in my hand
except  weeping before you

it is a time of apology-my love !
forgive me -
 for all the blunders
 i have done.

O my love!
 just give me one chance
i will prove myself-" a True Lover "
wherever you are.......................