Saturday, February 11, 2012


Wouldn't it be more than wonderful, if we could cruise in our previous time, whenever we yearn for it and without thinking too much we plumb into it, live into it again and again without any helping hand of non-existent Time-Machine.

Practically, it is as impossible as the possibility of a shining sun in a dark night. But it doesn’t mean that nothing shines in that dark night, some small twinkling stars are there to make thing happen.

We, as a human being are bound to be the slave of ever advancing time willy-nilly. It moves ahead without bothering our treasure of moments. But in exchange, it leaves its footprints in the form of memories and feelings, which we live virtually in the pathway of our life.

Memories: because, without possible investment of time, memories of a particular episode cannot be spawned. We retrieve them from the same abundance of time which was used to be quite dynamic but static in itself for now.

 All it begins, when we pause and look back nostalgically and cherish if we could live those moments of ours as a child in that tender age, the moments in which we grew as adult and, the moments in which we stepped into a age as a youth and looked forward to bring some new relationships and new means to our life. All such various stages of life flourish on a silent platform of time. Which later, turn itself into memories, and live itself when we invoke that dynamic time.

Feelings: because, a flower without its inherent fragrance is just not worthwhile. Our past is full of action-inaction, high and low tides of joy and sorrow and some unforeseen incidents. During transition, from dynamic into static, the time wears one more attire in form of feelings along with memories. Feelings which bear smells, taste, mood and many other attribute which finally enable us, to live in our past time almost in real, irrespective of its virtual existence.

Many a times, we hear from someone in their saying, “the smell of that delicious Halwa made by his beloved mother is still fresh in his mind”, or “the fresh unbounded breeze of his village still storms his mind”.

 In actual, in reminiscence of his past, he lives that dynamic time once again which is quite static now for him. And the time for which, he yells that it has gone by, is actually present, but in some other face, to remain forever.

We call it- memories and feelings!!