Saturday, March 13, 2010


It is often said that it is important to remain silent in order to be heard. Quite true!! but is not true every time. What if we are not heard by someone for whom we are keeping an unwanting, infinite 'silence' .In that case our 'silence' remains unknown and almost forgotten by the one for whom we are doing all this.Results will be - an unnoticed permanent 'Silence' takes birth within,to which we remain oblivious all the time. 

'Silence' does signify a peaceful state of mind of a saint and an absolute depression of a common man. So All it lies in our hand  that what we want to do with our so called 'silence'. Its dual nature  can either evolve or dissolve our life in an instant.
'Silence' is not always means to keep mum all the time. It is more about to keep controlling our emotions and feelings for a someone to whom we want to express it so eagerly. This is something we do in order to let someone realize that he/she is not giving enough importance, what we are expecting all the time. It is a kind of 'Meta message' which we want to give through our 'silence', either by keeping mum or by avoiding any feelings & emotions for that person. But the fact is that we don’t do it intentionally .It comes so naturally, when we feel so much ignored.It grows so rapidly with one particular thought that nothing can bring back that warm relation once again.So this is what about the 'silence' ,which plays such roles in our personal life ,we had never expected...

 But above of all this ,being remain 'silent' is not an event on which one can feel proud. It is not the only stick of a blind which keeps him on the right track & it is not the only companion with which one can share everything...after all it is only our 'silence' which comes in our life when we keep loosing our fine bond & more importantly the trust (which is first and last testimony of any relation) on those whom we considered the only reason of our our smile & joy. So when this reason remains no more, the worth of smile goes in vain.

But bad things aren’t bad always, as they seem and our 'silence' is not an exception. Sometimes our 'silence' serves other need.Sometime we don’t want to be heard by anyone but to remain silent in order to keep the things on the right track in our life, which were messed up earlier due to our immature actions, & foolhardy decisions.And when the things keep coming on the right track, we say bye- bye to our 'silence' and get back in our world of events & accidents. In this way our 'silence' plays a vital role of a friend which helps to bring us back into our life & which never betrays.

Well! whatever is discussed above ,is just a shallow glance over the issue which comes in our life always in last ,when no other damn common solution seems fit to all major or minor problems in our life. This was just the one side of our inner 'silence'.....but don’t you want to see the other side of it...just check it out..........