Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Childhood is considered as the only sacred and innocent stage of life. “ If one wish to find God in simple efforts, then one must visit a child’s face “, we accept this long held belief, without any amendment but in the course of time, we have also accepted the various forms of atrocities against this Godly existence on earth –“the child”.

Just recently, a very grievous case of a two –year-old girl child came into existence. She was battered, her head was smashed, arms were broken, her face was branded with hot iron and several marks of human bite were shamelessly refuting our sophisticated but hollow belief that we are the human and not the beast.

In such horrendous circumstances, she is still fighting for her life. And even if she would survive, she will have to face unimaginable oddities by carrying her inflicted body. Her real culprits are yet to be traced, and unsurprisingly, they will be. But such cruel incident of utter ferociousness with a baby who was yet to realize her human form, was given a grueling signature by one of us, that it was not going to be easy for her  against their inherent animal.

 Unfortunately, such incidents re-occur with their extended degree of atrocity against those who are vulnerable and feeble. Ironically, with the same intensity, our submissive attitude for such tragedies is growing as well. Our law can prevent such happenings partially, but even today it has no permission to enter the gate of any home, where the heart of the matter lies. Most of the cases of child- abuse somewhere link to the family and relation. For a child; the line between normal and ill- intentional behavior becomes subtle. As a result, they often receive such treatment, which in nobles society is termed as –“gutter”.

Fortunately, this two- year-old baby, quite lately but is now admitted in the premium hospital-AIIMS, and under surveillance of most experienced doctors but lucklessly, she is still critical and in ICU. Though being unconscious, she is asking one blameless question to us very consciously that who we are-human or beast?........................can we answer?.........