Monday, January 9, 2012


The only impetus for me, to write again, are some mesmerizing and utterly arresting images and videos of earth, captured by NASA, by its most powerful satellites. And it can surely be taken for granted that the moment we watch such things out of our inquisitiveness, we discover one thing in common-“the abysmal positive silence of a giant heavenly body: our earth, although, so mighty, yet so benign to all living-non living species to bear on herself. But beyond such poetic explanation of the ‘ beauty and virtue’ of our home planet, my sole  purpose is to set an amusing but consuming analogy between the concealed nature of our mother earth and of those (human), who finds their home for peace, a city for identity and a country to proud on, just upon the same planet.
 Hundreds of kilometers from above, one can obviously estimate the very simple-balanced equation of simplicity and serenity below on earth. But as we go down, the same balanced equation of seemingly- quietness, gets unbalanced, and a very vague chaos emerges, in the form of geographical processes above and beneath the surface .In addition, some natural happenings like rain, storms, low tides, high tides in ocean and some other roaring activities occurs quite frequently which might be just impossible to see and imagine from the top without those mighty vision of satellites.

And how interesting it is, to understand that such equation of superficial serenity and simplicity of earth, seen from some 350 km above, is  just synchronized with the nature of human gesture.
Like, seen from above, all it seems quite uniform and in sync on earth unless we go down. Same it is, with many faces today: ‘all it seems quite spontaneous and easy going in first impression unless we down into their real face cum unexpressed expressions cloistered beneath the skin of artificial gestures through their eyes.

 Timeless storms of anger, terrible tides of emotions, rain of disappointments and drizzles of pleasures keep happening beneath, without any possible trace of display, which can only be unearthed with the same mighty vision as of satellite from someone else. Though it is the natural and inevitable virtue of our planet, but is it so natural and damn necessary, for us too?. Of course not! in any possible form.

 With the course of time, such artificial gestures and dual nature of our behavior, has emerged silently along with our overly ambitious desires to remain ahead in all arena. And, we have prevailed over such desires, and turned them into reality, but in such topsy-turvy efforts, we lost one proven reality of ours:- “ to keep  things simple in our behavior. Or in other expression: “the great friendship of our words with real thoughts and feelings”. Now if such thing happens, then there will be no need to choose among what to hide and what to say. As a result, we find ourselves in some other world of joy with suffice mental peace, which I think, every one yearn for throughout ones life.

We can execute  delicate as well as daunting task without any further need of making our life and  its expression more intricate  through our dual manner of behavior, especially when, all it can be outperformed by none other than but our own charming simplicity.

Let’s learn this great lesson from our own planet, which has been taking care of us for an eternity, without bringing self-made confusion anymore.


Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS