Friday, January 27, 2012


What could be the extreme possibilities of- “love and its artless expression”, especially, when it becomes impossible to covey through ordinary worldly customs?. Whenever, this amusing and romanticized subject tries to occupy my mind, I recall, the two beautiful short stories, which I had used to read during my school time.

“The Gift of the Magi”, by O.Henry, unveils the unpretending love, loyalty and more importantly, the trust between a husband and wife along with their bounded source of living. The second one is-“the Nightingale and the Rose”, by Oscar wilde, which , however ends at a poignant end ,yet showcases –the horizon-less trust of the Nightingale in the very  delicate virtue, which we call-“love or affection”.

   The Gift of Magie”, was a story of a husband and wife-Jim and Della, who wanted to celebrate “Christmas –Eve”, by gifting very unique stuff to each other despite of knowing their deprived  and limited conditions. Della was endowed with her beautiful shiny long hair, for which she had great love and care .She wanted to buy a platinum fob chain for her husband, but meager sum of money was coming on her way. At this point, she decided to lose her invaluable possession- her long shiny hair, against which, she could buy the fob chain for him. On the other hand, Jim sold his watch to get the money to buy combs for beautiful hair of his wife.
Finally, they landed to a situation, where, their gifts for each other became worthless for a while. Fob chain without the watch of Jim and combs without long hair of Della. But at this very moment, they had gifted something, to each other, which was just priceless- their trust, love and loyalty for each other or simply- “their love with their artless expression”.

The other one was –"the nightingale and the roses". This was the story of a school boy who was in love with a girl in her class. But he was sad because the girl had put the condition to dance with him only if he would bring red rose for her. But it was not possible as there was no red rose in his garden or elsewhere in near locality. His plight was noticed by a nightingale in his garden. She knew the real worth of true love and devotion for it. For this reason, she flew to every possible place where she could find red rose for that poor boy. But all it went in vain. Finally, she found a rose but it was white. But a tree said to her that white rose would turn into red if she stains it with her heart’s blood. It was terrible but out of her immense faith in the value of love, she didn’t hang back but put her heart against the thorn and sang her final song till the last drop was snatched by thorn to turn the white rose into red one. The voice of nightingale grew fainter and fainter and rose had turned its color into red one. But, for her faith in love, the nightingale had to relinquish her sweet voice and finally her life.
Though, later, the girl took off her promise and went with other well-to-do boy and that poor boy lost his faith and threw that red rose, yet the faith of nightingale prevailed forever.

However,the above said, were merely love stories, but its underlying message embraces all possible relations-be it a father- son, brother- sister, mother - son , lover's or  anyone else.

 We can give the real essence to our relations and subsequently to our life, if we are ready to desert our most beloved personal possession for that supreme reason- which we simply call and yell -"love".

let me tell you a story

a story that never ends
let me tell you a story

a story that never began

let me tell you a story

that was there when God found himself

and will still be there when God

forgets who he is

let me tell you a story

a story of love.................COURTESY- Shekhar Kapur