Friday, April 13, 2012


it has been hundred years since the great Titanic sank and settled in the seabed of north Atlantic ocean  forever. But its memory still is  as pristine as its grandeur during its maiden voyage and is  floating in our heart . Here, i am trying to revisit  its poignant and nostalgic description wrapped in a poem...hope you will like it.

a ship was  cruising on the sea,
undoubtedly, its wings were free.

they it named- "a ship of dreams",
"unsinkable" - the  voyagers  and world always believed.

but the' fathomless'  ocean was always  cold in its  heart,
 the voyage of dreams, it  wanted to discard.

it first allowed to let it come ,
to embrace it tightly until it  get sunk.

glee faces, were now  crying in the whirl of tragedy,
a while ago, they were enjoying quite merrily.
their ship was being smothered  by the ruthless sea,
they could do nothing but to wait and see.

it was the only 'titanic'  for many hearts,
now is submerged and slumbering into the ocean of past...