Friday, October 12, 2012

The World Is Not Enough- For Eve

In the time, when we are flourishing vertically after the post WWII Era, and continuously flexing our muscles of liberty, tolerance, new ideas and affection, and proclaimed ourselves as- equal in the eyes of humanity, regardless of flawed idea of gender, cast, creed, racism etc. Half of our population (womenfolk), even today could only ponder and wonder and marvel at the idea of absolute emancipation for themselves. It is, as if, a child of famished face looks at the affluent boy enjoying various flavors of ice cream in front of him.

This, half population of the world, in some way or the other, is still tolerating or maximally retorting a war of inhuman atrocities waged against them by so called male chauvinist in small proportion out of rest of the human race.

On Oct11, 2012, we have observed, the first ever “International Day of The Girl”, not much highlighted, like any other day observed, such as- women’s day, father's day, and mother’s day.

The idea behind observing such days unveils the urgent- call to keep the existence, values ,worth and morality of such issues intact. Which otherwise would lost into unknown.

“The International day of The Girl”, is observed under the very pressing notion that something is operating very severely against them (Girls). Regardless the structure of  nations and societies- democratic, republic, communist, socialist or authoritative; girls always suffer the timeless saga of  travails based on 'gender- bias', Inflicted either by their own or by the various impotent Hippocratic laws of societies .

No matter, how many times our news channels and print media flashes the news of Sunita Williams for her cosmic triumph or of Saina Nehwal for her matchless dedication, to gather some proud moments for the nation. Some proponent of corroded mentality regurgitates the shibboleths of already obscured and suicidal customs of societies. The recent commentaries of Ex- CM of Haryana - "people during Mughal rule used to marry their young girls early to save them from atrocities inflicted by the rulers", and  of self- appointed guardian (Khap – Panchayats) of ethics and values on recent spate of barbaric rapes of minor girls, unfortunately, unveils the ultra- downgraded -gutter mentality of a democratic country where, every now and then; preamble- the very  sacred soul of our constitution is being mocked .And, more surprisingly, other prominent hands of elite class proudly puffs - out their consent by throwing all decency, common sense and human touch to the wind.

Why our soul don't stir upon facts like - every year ten million girls below 18 get married off forcibly without having their say?. Why does not, an air of sense of equality wafts from the moral education, taught in the class- rooms.

Amid such gloomy moments, a girl named Malala  Yusuf Zai of Pakistan, who is taking on; impotent and cowardice Taliban-valiantly, with the very idea of equality and right now battling for her life , revives  a hope – that worst has not  happened yet and will not happen, if a small step of courage taken by her is replicated in every household, by every girl ,who only, has the birth right to decide the beautiful course of the world.

one day, when -
this air,
 will be mine.

one day, when-
i too,
will sing my own rhyme.

one day, when-
i  will get up 
out side the cage of veil.

 shall be the day-
my every breath