Tuesday, December 25, 2012


The entire nation has been turned upside down. It is blazing with fury, angst, indignation and almost wants to seize the role of Avenger to play on the perpetrators who executed a very grisly incident of raping a 23 year old medical student and reduced her into a medical patient. Incident took place in the national capital, which, just last year ostentatiously celebrated its centenary birthday. But beneath its “super power capital" aura, therein lies the infamy of violence exclusively for women, which has set an example for other states and societies to follow this trend religiously.

Since this unfortunate incident, the fourth estate of democracy- “Press”- be it print media or mass media, extended to social networking- is taking the charge along with the vibrant youth - to use this bestial act against feminism and humanity as a buzzing slap on the face of hibernated government sleeping on the rosy bed of crass insensitivity towards its citizen as well as on the hypocrisy of society, which has strangled the freedom of women in all case.

It is not long ago that we had witnessed a widely coverage heinous incident in Assam, where a young girl  of mere 18 year old, who was returning from a birthday party- not so late in night, was harassed, bruised, beaten and traumatized by some blots on our society. The entire nation saw that video and a wide uproar surfaced from all strata of the society. Strong reactions were floating inside and outside of the parliament. Everyone, was, just wanted to kill those perpetrators. But later on, what happened we all know. Few were charged on weak grounds while rests are now Scot free, roaming in the society with straight head as before.

It is the result of " first hullabaloo and then forget" pattern that we are seeing the graduated version of such incidents and today, it manifested itself in its worst form, although it is quite prevalent in other parts of the country.

If you remember the " Dhaula Kuan rape case" last year and many such others heart rendering incidents, the same protest and demand- to hang the perpetrators was raised but it can easily be understand that the male dominant house ( Parliament), which is reluctant on not to give a specific representation to women, is shedding crocodile tears for women related issues.

It is difficult to understand that why, this only, incident took the entire nation and its simmering emotions by storm, as there are similar and more profoundly disturbing incidents takes place against women and girls on daily basis. But certainly every thing has its flash point and even a coward, beyond this point becomes belligerent and defiant. Unsurprisingly, we are experiencing a much awaited response by ourselves, channelized by youth, right from India gate of the capital to the every house gate of every town and village.

It is sure that due to this massive protest government is feeling the heat and is planning stiff measures and may introduce some new laws ( I have doubt )  ,  may  revive few already dead useless commissions, may influx more women police force,  may organize few workshops to sensitize police  towards the victim and more CCTV camera may be installed on every public place.

But beyond this, it is important to observe that as this agitation, protest will subside, how may of these reforms will keep taking breath. How many victimized women, girls will have the direct reach to such laws, how many police man, officers will remain sensitive and proactive enough -when a girl or woman after a gut- wrenching experience ranging from domestic violence to molestation to rape, reach the nearest "Thana" and how many CCTV cameras will remain vigilant enough to seize the beasts in the first place instantly while even trying to commit such acts.

My point is valid because it is an outstanding irony of the country that we wait for the disaster and then put our best resources and efforts to collect debris. After Mumbai attack announcement of police reforms and up gradation of infrastructure swamped all over. But as usual we are now, nowhere but at the same zero place, resorting to the same lethargic practice of allegiance to our Netas and their parties.

It is high time that if we are serious enough towards, at least, this exclusive issue, then we have to first begin from our very home. Where, the psyche of male chauvinism is deeply ingrained directly or indirectly. We have to rejoice wholeheartedly when a girl takes birth as we do proactively when a boy born.

We have to generate the eyes to see the girls at par with boys. Proud parents have to forget to hail their daughter as “ Beta” when they achieve something. Parenting shouldn’t cross the road of rights of daughter. Disparity arises, when, parents pamper their son with full fledged freedom and cage their daughter in the cocoon of tenderness- preparing them more vulnerable to the outer world in upcoming days.

These days, to tackle these situations, we are flooded with so many solutions.

1)    Women, girls shouldn’t carry mobile, as it invade their sanity. They shouldn’t wear jeans as it prompts boys. They shouldn’t roam around after sunset as it violates the norms of society… (As pronounced by notorious Khap Panchayat and medieval mindsets.

2)    Women should be equipped with martial art, judo karate, and self defense skill. They should carry all possible weapons like pack of chili powder, scissors or any sharp object in their bag.( as suggested by supporter of women rights).

 The first solution is ridiculous in itself because while talking about restriction, values morals, it is by default meant and subjected to women. Such gangs (a better word for groups like Khap Panchayat) have assumed themselves to be moral guardian of society and its norms, which have soiled their own hands in strangulating the voice of women and left no stone unturned to crush their lives.

Though, the second solution is worth considering and no doubt, these skills should be adapted by as many women as possible. But why only women? Why should boys and men not carry chili pepper and sharp object in their college bags and office bags? Why do they enjoy special privilege over the fairer sex .Any public place belongs as much to a girl as to a boy. Today if we look around we can easily get the idea of “lost ground” for girls.

Let us doff at the exceptional fortitude of that 23 year old girl who has lost 90% of her intestine and will never redeem her normal life, is battling for her life while I am writing this article and even when you will read it.
Let us salute the voice of the country (excluding blatant, impervious Netas) which is not shivering in this frosty month even before the massive water cannons directed upon them.
 Let us pray that the day soon may come, when our girls will live, enjoy and cherish their lives as a human as their male counterparts.
Let us make sure this gruesome incident is the last one. And for now, let us make sure as well that the perpetrators should bring to the justice…..

Let us pray……..and do something………….