Wednesday, April 25, 2012


                                      (ANNE  FRANK -AGE TWELVE,AT HER SCHOOL DESK.AMSTERDEM NETHER LAND, 1941.)

In how many ways a human life can  severely  be inflicted, and what could be the holistic definition of loss of life while it is on?. Such mind-boggling  question did not find any corner in my mind until i got immerse in meeting with Anne frank- the 14 year old  Jewish girl   through her diary-“the diary of a young girl", just a week ago.

Though, the diary of  Anne Frank is more about personal revelation of grim glimpse of holocaust and seems to be an desperate effort to give vent to her desperation, despair, jittery and personal contradiction belonged to her age, yet it unbosoms the unearthed human loss and its sanctity, which under misconception counted in numbers and not in any other measures during an era of" human eccentricity"- WWII (1939-1945).

 Anne was born in a Jewish family on June12,1929, In Frankfurt, Germany.  After living first few years of her childhood in Frankfurt,  Anne had to fled to Amsterdam, Nederland in along with her parents after the Nazi seizure of power in 1933.

Under the state sponsored holocaust (mass killing of Jews) Germans occupied Amsterdam. For this reason, frank family had to remain underground and unwantingly had to live in a secret attic apartment. Anne named it as - a Secret Annexe. and presented vivacious experience of various lives and her  delicate relation with her family members  while living in that attic apartment. It is worth mentioning here that Anne wrote not only about her own testing experience in that apartment but also, painted a demonic scenario of hellish environment of outside as well. She spelled out that how the Jews were facing the ferocious atrocities against themselves by Nazis. How a specific race (Jews) was persecuted in the name of being perpetrator.

Anne and her family finally met with their unfortunate end, in august 1944, when the secret police of Germany discovered the hiding place after being tipped off by an anonymous Dutch caller.They were sent to concentration camp.Anne died of typhus in March 1945, just two weeks before the attack of Soviet Union who liberated the victims of concentration camp eventually.

 For any individual, especially a teenager who is supposed to be more involved in their own fuzzy world of doubts and varying ideology, it must be a formidable task to keep oneself  at vantage point, where one can actually display the sheer balance between the  personal hopes, experiences, plight and efforts to unveil the public misery.

The diary of Anne frank was widely accepted across the globe for various reasons: through her writing, she actually went beyond the age barrier in the context of thinking. She wrote what she believed, and   she also penned down what she did not.

After the WWII, the world recognized this brave soldiers of humanity, who rose herself above the holocaust, Judaism, girlhood and even goodness and become the only figure of heroism. John F. Kennedy in his words-Of all the multitudes who throughout history have spoken for human dignity in times of great suffering and loss, no voice is more compelling than that of Anne Frank."

Anne became the undying symbol for the lost promises of those children who died in holocaust.  Her life was of course was quite ephemeral like flower of lily, but became eternal through her writing.

P.S.-  In the holocaust: mass killing or more precisely the  genocide of Jews was estimated to six million including one million children.
They were given every unimaginable torture by Nazis until they died.
Anne was among those one million innocent children who was butchered under those appalling circumstances.