Sunday, April 29, 2012


 In the age, when we are considered as intellectually well equipped species than others on this planet,, it certainly seems that we have decided to offer a tight competition to our fellow species, by practicing some animal- like deeds.

 We are,  these days  confronting with endless string of shameful acts that how a baby girl of merely few months , has been abandoned or killed by their parents either out of their long- standing archaic aspiration of having baby boy instead of a girl or of  their illegitimate relationship .Since the  unfortunate case of baby Falak, who finally left for heavenly abode after painful suffering in hell (our society) we are seeing no end of such inhumane deeds; just a recent case of baby Afreen who was brutally and  forcefully consumed tobacco by his monster father  in senseless aspiration of having a baby boy.

 In the time, when we assume or believe that such incidents germinates just because of illiteracy, ignorance and stereotype mentality among mass, and more rampant in remote and under developed areas, the emerging irony is that the recent cases similar to these have been constantly executed in most modern cities of India - Delhi/Ncr, Bangalore etc (well reputed as IT hub of the country).Well, this is alarming.

In Gurgaon; the hot IT hub of India and most vulnerable place for females of all ages as well; in recent time, almost every week, there has been a case of abandoned girl child who is either rendered to bruised or physically unwell condition, generally found in dump.

Today, we outspokenly debate over even a mild case of human right violation. But unlikely, we as a society and as an individual respond towards such heinous practice and those potential perpetrators in a very impotent manner.

It is just a false assurance for us given by ourselves that a deterrent law can stop such malign act immediately, or frivolous public debate on news channels at prime time can bring a paradigm - shift overnight in our thinking. Instead, we should not forget that such demonic act of abandoning a child and  many similar to this gets encouragement in a family where human values and respect for life are not taught during their upbringing.

Baby Falak and baby Afreen couldn't find their heaven where it prevails but instead somewhere else where they shouldn't. Lets begin with a tender smile for them and offer it to other baby Falak and Afreen who are yet to open their eyes in this world.