Thursday, October 31, 2013

A home of promises

We are far away now ,
i am aware of this.

a home of promises ,

Thrived long ago, in a lovely bliss.

In my every breath,
you were always  beautiful

From dusk to dawn,
an inspiration in full.

 I still remember-
 those moments in the garden.

Under the tree, 
your charming words –“ love you my Tarzan”

Garden and trees
are still there.

But sometimes they ask me

About my lovely dear

You are still with me -
in our lovely letters.

I often hear your  words
no matter from wherever

My hope is survived,
by living your shimmering smile.

But i often wonder-
if you feel my despair crying.

But in the end,
I always meet you in just a small try.

Coz you see me too,
through this enigmatic large sky.......